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The seasonal rental on behalf of these owners is entrusted to LALES2ALPES. LALES2ALPES is in charge, the reception of the tenants, the delivery of keys and inventory of the apartments of the owners, as well as the hiring of materials and the cleaning of end of stay and / or end of season.

Personal data :

The information that may be collected on the LALES2ALPES website is intended for the processing of user requests and may also be used for administrative, commercial and / or marketing purposes.

The information is obtained by means of the forms present on the website or are automatically collected by the company LALES2ALPES using techniques to track your navigation within the communication space. You declare to accept the possibility for the company LALES2ALPES to use these techniques allowing to trace your navigation within the services and thus to collect the data concerning you.

In accordance with the conditions stipulated by the law n ° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 relative to the computing, the files and the liberties, you have at any moment a right of access, communication, rectification, update and deleting personal data about you. To exercise one of these rights, please write to LALES2ALPES, whose address is as follows:

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Reception and handing over of keys :
key collection is made by LALES2ALPES between 9 am and 7 pm, after payment of the balance, the tourist tax and the deposit. In case of late arrival, the tenant must imperatively contact LALES2ALPES during the opening hours in order to organize the delivery of the keys, otherwise he will not be able to take possession of the rented premises until the next day without being able to claim any compensation or compensation . He must first have paid the balance of the rental price and security deposit before his arrival. In case of late possession of the housing and early departure, no refund can be claimed by the lessee. The balance will also be paid in case of absence by not delivering the keys on the scheduled date.

Inventory and inventory: Due to the large number of arrivals and departures at the same time, it is difficult for LALES2ALPES to proceed with the inventory in the presence of the tenant. This inventory has been done before arrival and will be done before taking possession of the next tenant. A detailed inventory is in each property and an inventory sheet will be provided upon your arrival. The lessee agrees to check the condition of the apartment, report any anomalies within 72 hours at the latest following the handing over of the keys. No claim concerning the inventory and the household will be taken into account past this period. After this period, the tenant will be considered to have tacitly recognized the accuracy of the inventory, the inventory of fixtures and equipment, and the cleanliness of the housing. The lessee undertakes to allow LALES2ALPES to carry out any necessary repairs in his home and without claiming compensation.

Occupation :
The tenant agrees: To respect the dates and times of occupancy of the apartment, namely: 17 hours the day of arrival and return the keys IMPERATIVELY before 10am departure at LALES2ALPES. If, the tenant does not respect the time limit of 10 hours an additional day will be charged. To occupy the rented places bourgeoisement, according to the term “in good father of family”, To respect the internal rules of the building, in particular the obligation of calm after 22 hours. Exceed in no case the number of occupants as indicated in the contract (in “maximum capacity” of the technical sheet), including children and babies, even if the total number of beds is higher (some apartments give the choice of use between several sleeping configurations). To make no change in the disposition of the furniture and objects lining the rented property and to refrain from transporting them out of these premises. To restore the places in the state in which they found them, the household is not included in the price, it can be asked in supplement. LALES2ALPES reserves the right of visit and that to make visit the places rented during the rental period and in particular, in case of sale of the premises (with appointment made beforehand), the tenant can not oppose any visits LALES2ALPES. As a rule, animals are not allowed. No reduction of rent or compensation can be claimed by the tenant in case disturbances occur in the operation of public or public facilities.LALES2ALPES decline any responsibility for privations and decreases of enjoyment, not coming from his fact.

• The LALES2ALPES website is normally accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case of force majeure, computer difficulties, difficulties related to the structure of telecommunications networks or technical difficulties, for reasons of maintenance, without this list being exhaustive, access to all or part of the website may suspended, interrupted or deleted by simple decision of LALES2ALPES.

• The content of the LALES2ALPES website is upgradeable. LALES2ALPES reserves the right to modify, delete, discontinue, improve the content, features, service offerings of the LALES2ALPES website as well as legal notices without prior notice. Users of the LALES2ALPES website must refer to each consultation




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